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Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine Services

The Psychosomatic Institute of San Antonio provides services in general Psychiatry and in Psychosomatic medicine in the outpatient setting as well as some of the Medical Center hospitals in San Antonio. Outpatient services are focused on diagnostic evaluations and treatment, which may include the use of medications, psychotherapy and evaluation for other biological treatments. Other services of administrative nature will also be provided as needed.

Psychosomatic medicine is the branch of Psychiatry dedicated to the understanding of the interaction between mind, brain, body, spiritual and social context, how they are related in the emergence of mental and physical symptoms, illnesses and disorders, and in restoring the optimal level of functioning to affected individuals.

Individuals with medical illnesses may have specific psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders. They are evaluated in their own context and the treatment plans are unique for them, addressing physical and mental aspects of their illnesses. At times, primary care physicians and other medical specialists, may want patients to be evaluated by a psychiatrist to understand the way in which psychological factors affect the individual's medical illness and to assist in managing symptoms as best as they can. Persons with general psychiatric disorders or stress related problems are also welcomed for evaluation and treatment.

The initial visit focuses on the assessment of the problems that bring the individual to a psychiatric or psychotherapeutic consultation. At the same time, this visit includes the comprehensive evaluation from the medical perspective as well as the psychological aspects and social environment. As part of the evaluation we ask that the patients fill out forms that will provide us general information from the health perspective and the medical and psychiatric history ( you can download these and filled them prior to your appointment, click here to download forms ). There are screening tools available as well, that can be used at the time of the evaluation, or some self administered tools that patients can do at home prior to their visit. The initial assessment and treatment plan are formulated on the first session, but they continue to be reviewed all the time as the work progresses.

As part of the evaluation, is very important that we get the information of other medications currently taken and psychiatric medications used in the past. In order to coordinate care, we will ask the information on other treating physicians and therapists, as well as your written authorization to share information with them. Bring the information to the appointment and whenever new medications are prescribed by other providers in the future, keep us updated with the information.

The initial visit with the therapist will not include the medical aspects of it but they will assess the possible need for a medical consultation for the comprehensive treatment.

The subsequent visits are planned according to individuals’ needs. If medications are initiated as part of the treatment, follow up will be in the following few days to weeks, to determine if the medications are having the expected results. Psychotherapeutic interventions are also performed throughout the treatment.

Most of the therapy sessions will be 20-30 minutes and include a brief evaluation of medications effects, side effects or other medical issues. In addition, and according to specific needs, patients may require formal intense psychotherapy with the traditional 45 minutes weekly sessions.

If patients are in no need for therapy, medication management sessions will be planned, which consist usually of a 15 minute follow up, where the medications effects are reviewed and changes are planned if needed.

We have after hours emergency contact and ask patients to limit this use to emergencies only. The same phone number will be forwarded to an answering service which can contact a clinician on call, who can help with the emergency.

Medication refills are usually made at the time of the appointments. If you need refills of medications previously prescribed to you, we ask that you call your pharmacy and request the refill. They will fax a request to our office that we will authorize if appropriate; however, is much simpler and effective if patients keep track of the refills available. After hours and weekends there will not be any refills for medications, they must take place during the office hours. If needed, a short supply may be called to the pharmacy in order to avoid discontinuation in the treatment, but full prescription refill will be managed the next working day.

Some controlled medications need to be in a written prescription every time. If it is arranged previously with your physician, you may not need to have an appointment for your written prescription. You will need to request this to our office and will be charged $15 for the service. Optionally, you may prefer to come for an appointment every time you need a refill on your medication.


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